Gum Disease Treatment in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Catching the presence of gum disease and having it treated as early as possible is always ideal. Your general dentist can provide several therapy options, including an in-depth cleaning known as root scaling and planing, antibiotic therapy, and more. However, there are cases where the depth of the periodontal pockets has simply become too deep, making it difficult to effectively remove bacteria and revitalize your oral health. Dr. Barnett can stop this destructive progression in its tracks with pocket reduction surgery.

How does pocket reduction surgery work?

An X-ray examination will allow our team to fully assess your condition, and patients who are nervous or uncomfortable will have the option to undergo sedation. During the procedure itself, Dr. Barnett will pull the gums back very gently from the teeth and then thoroughly eliminate bacteria and tartar located underneath. Scaling and root planing may also need to be performed so that the gums aren’t being reattached to a particularly rough or uneven root surface afterwards. Finally, the gums are reattached with sutures that are then removed in a few days’ time. Following the surgery, patients will notice a significant reduction in the depths of their gum pockets. This will allow their general dentist to provide refreshing cleanings a few times a year without incident.

Valuable Benefits

If you’d like to learn more about pocket reduction surgery, please talk to your general doctor about contacting us or scheduling a free consultation with Dr. Barnett. We’d be happy to work with your general dentist to give you the full, healthy smile you deserve.