Frenectomy Procedures in North Texas

Your frenum is a small, very minor muscle that extends from oral surfaces, connecting the jawbone to your lips, cheek, or tongue. Although it serves no actual function, its presence can sometimes lead to problems that directly affect your oral health and quality of life – teeth can be separated, gaps can be created, gums can be pulled away from teeth, general movement can be limited, and much more. If Dr. Barnett determines that your frenum is problematic, he can remove it with a simple surgical procedure known as a frenectomy.

The two most common types of frenectomies are:

Lingual Frenum

The lingual frenum is located under the tongue, and it can lead to suffering patients being “tongue-tied.” By removing it, Dr. Barnett can increase the tongue’s mobility, improve the patient’s speech, and even help with proper tooth development in growing children.

Labial Frenum

The labial frenum is often located right at the center of the upper lip, and it can create a gap between teeth or even a recession of the gums. A labial frenectomy is typically recommended for orthodontic patients so that any spaces can be more easily corrected.

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